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Contact Us

Contact Us


Director of Operations / Vendors & Artists
Head of Advertising / Public Relations
Fire Show Director:
Alex Craddock

Head of Security / Chess Match Director
Questions Regarding FAQs:
Nicholas Fazio

Head of Registration / Press Passes
All Ticketing Questions:
Shannon Fazio

Panel Room Coordinator:
Amilcar Spaulding

Director Of Special Guests:
Morgan Spaulding


Head of Volunteers:
Erin Fish

The Fantasy Masquerade Information:
Justin Smith / Director

METRO Star Party Information:
James Wood/Director


Rhythm City Chronicles Director:
Lillian Green

Cosplay Events/Mascot Coordinator:
Natalie Faulhaber


Social Media Liaison:
Ben Badger Jr.

Video Game Director:
Stephen Conklin

Table Top Gaming:
Armada Games


METROCON Postal Address:

c/o Team Dynamite Productions LLC
3213 W Sitka St.
Tampa, FL  33614

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