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Advertising / Sponsorship

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  METROCON Advertising / Sponsorship

10,876 - Unique Attendance
12,047 - Warm Bodies
28,579 - Turnstile Attendance

What's the difference??

There is a large problem in the event management industry (and especially the market of fan conventions) that revolves around a complete lack of standardization of calculation methods for attendance. We at Team Dynamite Productions and METROCON have decided to list all three of the most widely used of these methods. "Unique Attendance" represents the unique number of tickets sold leading up to and throughout the event, for a specific year. "Warm Bodies" represents all ticket holders - not just those who purchased, but also exhibitors, cast, staff, volunteers, and anyone who might have access to badge-restricted content. This is important for exhibitors and advertisers, because even though a badge might have been given away because a cosplayer won a contest, it doesn't mean they won't read the con guide or visit the vendors room. "Turnstile Attendance" is probably the most misleading of these numbers - for turnstile, a person is counted once for each day they are in attendance. This gives an idea of how many human bodies might pass by your table, sign, advertisement or booth throughout the whole weekend. This is based on the assumption that if a person is there for three days, they have more exposure and opportunity to see your content than a person with a single day pass. We hope this short compilation of knowledge we scoured from textbooks and white-paper articles helps shed some light on the attendance calculation issues plaguing our industry and warping the image of some events.


Thank you for your interest in METROCON! This year will be our 14th Anniversary, and we’re hoping to make it our biggest year yet. By our third year, we had quickly become Florida’s Largest Anime Convention; now, with our attendance reaching record-breaking numbers 3 years in a row, we are looking to grow even more; with our sensational stage shows (including the Original Anime Human Combat Chess Match™, where the audience alone in the ballroom for this event was 4,500+ over two days), a huge vendors’ area, and incredible atmosphere, we have no place to go but up! Our space this year is going to be upwards of 600,000 sq ft, occupying the entire Tampa Convention Center, and we are officially as of 2014, and into the forseeable future, a full-blown four-day event!. Now, here is where you get the chance to use METROCON’s success to help your business or industry grow!

There are several ways to get your name/products to our attendees...

By making a monetary donation or a donation of goods and services totaling the same value, you can become a METROCON: 2016 Sponsor!

Become a Title Sponsor for METROCON! METROCON 2016 Title Sponsor - $5,000– Title level logo and mention in event name on flyers, banners, badges, internet and newspaper ads, and merchandise; prominent signage at the event; full page advertisement in the Convention Guide; exclusive product rights (if applicable); 8 FREE Weekend Passes; 2 FREE Booths in the Vendors’ Room (subject to availability);

Platinum Sponsor - $3,000 – Large logo included on flyers, banners, and badges; signage at the event; full page advertisement in the Convention Guide; 4 FREE Weekend Passes; 1 FREE Booth in the Vendors’ Room (subject to availability);

Gold Sponsor - $2,000 – Small logo included on flyers, banners, and badges; logo** included on sign at registration and outside of ballroom; full page advertisement in the Convention Guide; 2 FREE Weekend Passes;

Silver GEARholder - $1,000 – Company name on banners and badge; name on sign at registration; half-page advertisement in Convention Guide;

Becoming a Title Sponsor for METROCON is easily the best way to get your product or service name to our convention attendees. Remember, we are always looking to gain sponsors for our event, and with so many options available to you, don’t miss this opportunity! Also remember that prices are always negotiable for sponsorships, and merchandise/services can usually be traded for sponsorship status. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Director of Operations and convention owner Alex Craddock at

Social Media Advertising:
If you are interested in advertising your anime, comic, or general pop culture related product or service directly to METROCON fans through our official Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media channels, contact our Social Media Manager, Ben Badger, at Rates, content, and frequency are all negotiable.

Specialty lanyards for attendee weekend badges:
If you would like to donate lanyards with your company name on them for use with our attendee badges, please contact us at

Merchandise bags for attendees:
If you would like to donate merchandise bags with your company name on them for our attendees, please contact us at

Prize donations for METROCON contests:
Here is a list of our events in which we give awards. Prize donations are at your discretion. Possible prize ideas may be CDs, DVDs, posters, manga, plushies, coupons for the recipient to use at your booth during the weekend, etc.

  • Anime Idol
  • Picture This!
  • Anime Music Video (AMV)
  • Costume Contest
  • Cosplay Contest

If you are interested in donating prizes to any of our events, please contact and let us know which event you would like to provide prizes for and which prizes you would like to contribute.

Advertisements in the METROCON attendee convention guide:
The METROCON Convention Guide is a roughly 28 pages each year. The magazine sized publication is issued free with membership to all METROCON attendees. It is issued at the time of on-site registration and/or convention badge pick-up at the exhibition. The Program Guide will contain convention site layouts, programming and biographical information concerning our guests. METROCON reserves the right to refuse ads based on questionable content or aesthetic value. METROCON is a family-friendly convention. The convention guide will also function as an advertisement and press kit for METROCON and will be given to future guests, and members of the press.

Ad submission and payment deadline is Thursday, June 30, 2016. METROCON does not guarantee the placement of any ad in a specific section (except for the ads on the cover). Any cancellations or corrections must be in writing and received prior to the deadline.

Prices and Sizes (All ads are full color, CMYK preferred)

Interior Ads


Front inside cover
8.375" x 10.875"


Back inside cover
8.375" x 10.875"


Full page standard
8.375" x 10.875"


Half page tall
4.1875" x 10.875"


Half page wide
8.375" x 5.4375"


Cover Ads


Back cover
8.375" x 10.875"

SOLD for 2016

Convention Badges


Back of all pre-reg and 4 day badges

Contact for pricing and details

Live area margin is 1/4". Bleed is 1/8".

Merchandise donations of equivalent value will also be considered for payment of ads. For approval or questions, please email

Ad Specifications:
Only digital files will be accepted. Please send all files in JPG, EPS, PDF or TIFF format. For best quality, images should be 300 dpi. Please use CMYK process colors for full color ads (inside and outside cover). Standard ads will be printed in black and white. For EPS files any fonts MUST be converted into outlines (curves). For PDF files any fonts MUST be converted to outlines (curves) or "embedded" in the file. Any ads that do not conform exactly to the above requirements will be enlarged, reduced or floated at our discretion.

Acceptable Media

Please direct all questions to


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