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2016 - July 21-24, 2016


10,876 - Unique Attendance
12,047 - Warm Bodies
28,579 - Turnstile Attendance

Curious what the difference is? See the explanation at our Advertising and Sponsorships page.

METROCON is a for fans, by fans anime convention featuring celebrity guests, exhibitors, and the most unique and exciting convention entertainment in the multiverse!

METROCON started as a idea by the founders of is an online anime community with over 5000 members.  Over time, it seemed only natural for the members to want to meet each other in real life. People meet, form attachments and naturally want to meet each other.  And what better place than at an anime convention?

Starting off at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Tampa, FL in 2003, METROCON quickly outgrew it's first venue. In 2005 METROCON was held for the first time at Tampa Convention Center in the heart of Downtown Tampa, where it is still currently held. The first year at the Tampa Convention Center also marked the convention's first year as Florida's Largest Anime Convention.

Since its inception, METROCON has continuously evolved, blazing the path for events like the Anime Human Chess Match, the Fantasy Masquerade, and more recently live fire shows and the METRO Star Party. METROCON has continued to grow not only in popularity, but also in space, with the Main Events Room moving upstairs to the Tampa Convention Center's West Hall (a whopping 75,000 square feet!) in 2007, and the East Hall (100,00 sq ft). By utilizing innovative new ideas and acquiring some of the best staff in the industry, METROCON has set the bar for anime convention operations and entertainment around the country.

In 2010, METROCON, LLC (the company that brought forth the event) merged into the company Team Dynamite Productions, LLC, an entertainment and event production company founded by Nicholas Fazio and Alex Craddock, two of the three core staff members who have helped bring METROCON to the community since 2007.

In that same year, METROCON announced that when attendance reached 10,000 fans, they would expand to a four-day-long event!

In 2013, the unique attendance was dangerously close, and as expected METROCON 2014 officially broke 10,000 unique attendees.

The year 2015 marked the very first four-day METROCON, taking place in over 600,000 sq ft. of convention space, and encompassing over 200+ hours of entertainment in a single venue - the four-day event was well received, and METROCON will continue to be a four day event for the forseeable future!

METROCON exists and thrives because of the amazing anime fans from around the world that have made this convention home - we love you guys!

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