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2016 VIP Weekend Pass:

28 left


2016 Weekend Pass:


Fantasy Masquerade 2016 Ticket:

320 left


Merchant Room:





METROCON 2016 Artist Alley




METROCON 2016 Vendors Area





Cristina Vee

(Sailor Mars)

Robbie Daymond

(Tuxedo Mask - Sailor Moon)

Max Mittelman

Zach Aguilar

Kirby Morrow

(Miroku - Inuyasha)

Richard Ian Cox

(Voice of Inuyasha)

Laura Post

(Voice Actor)

Eric Stuart

(Pokemon - Brock)

Steve Bennett


Amelie Belcher

(aka Ami-Chan)



Ogawa Burukku

(Manga Artist)

David Stanworth
Snafu Comics

(Artist - Snafu Comics)

Parle Productions

(Performer - Parle Productions)

Parle Productions

(Performer - Parle Productions)


(Cosplay Guest)

Erin Hurst

(Cosplay Guest)


(Cosplay Guest)

"OliRoux Cosplay"

(Cosplay Guest)

Dei's Costume Closet

(Cosplay Guest)

Robert Van West

(Guest DJ)

Zoe Van West

(UK Hardcore Vocalist)


AMV Contest Contest

AMV Contest


Days Left: 0

Anime Idol Contest

Anime Idol


Days Left: 0

Cosplay Contest Contest

Cosplay Contest


Days Left: 0

Costume Contest Contest

Costume Contest


Days Left: 0

Picture This! Contest

Picture This!


Days Left: 0



07/16/16 - Rolling with the punches...ONE-PUNCH MAN PUNCHES!

Because seven voice actors was just not enough, we booked Zach Aguilar for METROCON 2016! Zach voices Genos in “One-Punch Man” which is scheduled to debut tonight on Toonami! His other notable roles include Talken in “Sword Art Online 2,” Arthur Pendragon in “The Seven Deadly Sins,” and Takaki in “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans.”! You can follow Zach on Twitter @airzach.

Speaking of "One-Punch Man!" it turns out that half our voice actors play a roll in the show! Talk about an awesome turn of events! Max Mittelman plays One-Punch Man, Laura Post plays Blizzard, and Robbie Daymond voices Mumen Rider! So be sure to catch the debut of "One-Punch Man!" tonight on Toonami and then come out to METROCON to meet the actors in person!

Get excited! METROCON hits Tampa in less than seven days!!! 


BREAKING NEWS: Due to a recent casting, Scott McNeil will be unable to attend METROCON 2016. He was recently cast and booked for an upcoming project, and they booked him to film over the weekend of METROCON - Scott has let us know that if for any reason he becomes available and wraps early he will get on a plane and be here ASAP, and that he will miss his Florida family greatly as you are all incredible fans and he loves spending time with you every year.

Voice actors' schedules are always subject to the productions that make us love them, so this is bittersweet for us and we're sure it is for you - more Scott McNeill in TV and movies? Yes please! Less Scott McNeil at METROCON this year? :(

While we will definitely miss Scott this year, we are very excited for Scott's new project, and we wish him all the best - come back to us next year, Scott McNeil!

06/27/16 - Autographs, ticket sales, and you!

Get excited!!! We are less than one month away from METROCON!!! The Chess Match! The Vendor Room! The panels! And all of the Celebrities! Below is all the information you will need on autographs and our guest schedules. Be sure to read through all the info, especially the stuff on your autograph vouchers.   

 Autograph Signing information

The following Special Guests have agreed to the METROCON policy of providing one free autograph to each patron on an item provided. Cristina Vee, Max Mittleman, Robbie Daymond, Laura Post, Kirby Morrow, Richard Ian Cox, Eric Stuart, Scott McNeil, Amelie Belcher and Steve Bennett.

Some of our Special Guests charge for autographs after the first free item, and some do not. There is a limit of two additional items for guests who DO NOT charge, so we can keep the autograph lines moving. There is no limit for autographs on guests who do charge an additional fee, but each autograph must be paid for.

The autograph fees are as follows:

Eric Stuart: $10 per autograph and $10 for a photo using your own camera

Cristina Vee: $10 per autograph

Kirby Morrow: $20 per autograph and $10 for a photo using your own camera

Laura Post: Does not charge but there is a limit of 3 items.

Robbie Daymond: Does not charge but there is a limit of 3 items.

Max Mittleman: Does not charge but there is a limit of 3 items.

Richard Ian Cox: Does not charge but there is a limit of 3 items.

At Registration, when you pick up your convention badge, you will receive one autograph voucher per pass picked up. Treat this voucher like cash, as it cannot be replaced. You will be need to present the voucher to recieve your free autograph from each different guest. Note that it is one free autograph from each guest for the entire convention, not once per day. Your voucher will be marked off after you receive your free autograph from them.

You can check out the autograph schedule by clicking here.
Eric Stuart will be signing at his table in the Vendors Room and not in the Autograph room.

Guest Appearance Information

Cristina Vee: Thursday and Friday /Robbie Daymond: Thursday through Saturday / Max Mittleman: Thursday through Saturday / Eric Stuart: Thursday through Saturday / Laura Post: Thursday through Sunday / Kirby Morrow: Friday through Sunday / Richard Ian Cox: Friday through Sunday / Amelie Belcher: Thursday through Sunday / Steve Bennett: Thursday through Sunday / David Stanworth: Thursday through Sunday / Ogawa Burukku: Thursday through Sunday / No Flutter: Thursday through Sunday

As a reminder our final Tier 4 pricing will end on July 10. So this is your last chance to save a few bucks on a four day pass or purchase one of the exclusive VIP tickets, which WILL NOT be sold at the door. As an added bonus, if you preregister and pickup your badge on July 20, you win a prize! No really, you just win for showing up and picking up your badge! We won't make you shout "Uno" or anything! Just show up and collect your preregistered badge and prize! Click here to visit our ticket page.

04/30/16 - We have a celebrity guest special on isle METROCON!

We have a ton of exciting updates for you guys, including a slew of new guest announcements!

Let’s start off with Richard Ian Cox and Kirby Morrow who will be joining us for METRO 2016! Richard and Kirby have worked together on many different series over the years, but are best known together for their roles as Inuyasha and Miroku from the hit anime series “Inuyasha.” Or you might recognize them as Quicksilver and Cyclops in “X-Men Evolution.” It’s a true reunion if you remember that Scott McNeil was also the voice of Koga and Wolverine.

Did we mention all three will be at METROCON 2016? We didn’t? Well they are! You can expect a ton of shenanigans out of Richard and Kirby who have been in the acting business for over 20 years!

But we’re not stopping with more voice actors! In addition to Kirby and Richard, we have several new art and cosplay guests to announce! So please give a loud METROCON welcome to NoFlutter, Ogawa Burukku, Haiden Hazard, Mew 21, and OliRoux Cosplay! The sheer amount of talent from this bunch is too much to summarize, so head on over to our Guests page to read up these guys and Richard and Kirby!

Now with all of those amazing guest announcements out of the way, let’s shift gears to some other awesome updates and reminders. Tier 3 pricing for METROCON will end on May 15. If you have not purchased your weekend pass yet, now is the time to do it! After May 15 our prices will jump up to Tier 4. So why not purchase your passes now and save a few bucks that you could spend in Artist Alley instead. Click here to visit our ticket page.

Oh you don’t know where Artist Alley is this year? We can fix that! Just check out our map for the new floor layout this year! The new layout is going to mean less badge check spots, so you won’t have to show your badge every time you enter one of our many rooms fully loaded with entertainment!

Speaking of entertainment, have you checked out the new METROMASSIVE website yet? The best anime rave in Florida has so much going on it needed its own site. Check it out for the 4-1-1 on our raves.


Good news, everyone!

Our site crashed tonight, in a blazing inferno of ones and zeros.

Wait. THAT isn't the good news.
We're still mopping up some of the digital mess, but Artist Alley submissions are now up and running! We had hoped our new submission/approval system would compensate for the EXTREME site traffic from our artists…but nope. You guys managed to blue screen us once again.

Please remember, chronological order of submissions received is only ONE criteria!
Artists are being gauged for approval based on this, as well as prior experience at METROCON, published works, art genre/quality, uniqueness of product or style, and a host of other criteria as well, so if you're running a little behind (which, likely, is the site's fault and not yours), don't sweat it! Approvals will begin in the next 48 hours.

We realize the outage also coincided with the end of our Tier 1 ticket sales.
To make up for the outage, we have extended our Tier 1 sales for an extra day through tomorrow! That means you can still get our Weekend Pass at the cheapest price of the season for just $70 - again, sorry about our technical difficulties!

If you have any questions on your artist alley submission, be sure to email Alex Craddock at

[Click Here to Buy Tickets]

[Click Here for Artist Alley Information]

01/08/16 - Vendor Registration Now Online

Hello METROCON Vendors!

Our online registration system for VENDORS opens in just a few hours, on 1/15/16. You can visit our Vendor Page by clicking here METROCON attracts more than 10,000 attendees. In 2015 our unique attendance was 10,876! Our available Vendor space books fast, so reserve your space today!

Artists - we've got some big changes for you this year - we've added an ADDITIONAL 75 Artist Alley tables, and we're bringing the AA inside of the Central hall, to combine with West Hall and create an enormous Merchant Area! One badge will be included with AA table price this year, as badges will be required to be at your table. In addition, we've expanded the back space of the tables so you aren't all so cramped together, and you have room for merchandise racks at your table without crowding anybody else out! We're still making some final negotiations regarding costs, but we hope to keep the cost of AA tables comparable to previous years - expect that information to hit the Vendor and Artist page on our website in the next few days, as we continue to make updates looking towards our February 1st opening FOR SUBMISSIONS - no tables will be reserved on February 1st! We'll be taking submissions (via MyConsOnline) and the review process will begin - we will then unlock your account to access the AA to reserve your own tables sequentially - hopefully this totally avoids double bookings and crazy website crashing at midnight the night of launch - order of submissions received is only ONE criteria we will take into consideration - be sure to keep that in mind - submitting first doesn't guarantee a spot, and submitting last doesn't mean the worst! The list of unapproved artists will also function as a waiting list, so be sure to submit!

Looking forward to working with new and returning Vendors and Artists to make this the GREATEST METROCON YET!


July 21-24, 2016
Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL
Theme: Order vs Chaos

Thanks  to all the repeat Vendors that helped make METROCON 2015 the best anime convention around! We look forward to working with you and all of our new Vendors in 2016!

12/08/15 - Hotel Reservations Online

We have great news METROCON fans! Reservations for the Embassy Suites, the official METROCON hotel, are now available! Plus all of our overflow hotels! For those new to METRO, the Embassy is connected to the Tampa Convention Center via skybridge. It is the most convenient of all of the available hotels for the convention.

Click here to visit our hotel page for all of the information to book your room today. Be sure to follow all of the links provided or promotional codes listed when making your reservations. It is the only way to get the reduced METRO rate at all of our hotels. Embassy rooms book fast, so get them while they are hot! We have secured a special rate of $164 for double occupancy at the Embassy, $179 triple, and $194 quad. That's more than a 50% savings by booking through METROCON!

When the hotels start to sell out, PLEASE LET US KNOW! We might be able to negotiate more rooms at the special reduced METROCON rates. The more rooms in our blocks, the more the city lets us do for you! Also try adjusting your date ranges if the online system says our rates are not available. Sometimes only a certain day is sold out. 

After you book your room, don't forget to click here to visit our ticket information page for instructions on how to purchase your tickets for the convention as well! Sales start at midnight on January 1, 2016 at MyConsOnline.

12/04/15 - Returning Guests and Ticket Sales!

It's time to put some pennies away, 7,000 to be exact, so you can treat yourself or someone you like to a FOUR DAY PASS to METROCON 2016! That's right METRO fans; our four day passes will once again be just $70. Tickets will never be as cheap as this! (If you REALLY want the METROCON experience, VIP passes will also be available for just 15,000 pennies or $150!)

Click here to visit our ticket information page for instructions on how to purchase your tickets. All sales will begin at midnight on January 1, 2016 at MyConsOnline. The VIP passes tend to sell quickly and we only have 300 of them! As a peak of what's in store for METRO 2016, we are also happy to announce the following return guests! Robbie Daymond, Scott McNeil, PikaBelleChu, Ami-Chan, Robert Van West, and Zoe Van West!

These talented individuals loved METROCON so much that they just had to return for another year! But they are just the tip of the iceberg! We have a lot more special guests to announce in the coming months. So stay tuned to the site and our Official Facebook Page for all of the latest METROCON updates! And don't forget about our METROMascot Art Contest and Show Auditions!

The winner of the art contest will receive a free table in Artist Alley and anyone can audition for a role in one of our MANY shows that include: The Anime Human Combat Chess Match, Fire Show, Star Party, Fantasy Masquerade, and Rhythm City Chronicles!


12/01/15 - WE WANT YOU!!!


METROCON, Florida's Best Anime Convention, will be hosting open auditions for all of the stage shows that make METRO the best! That includes The Anime Human Combat Chess Match, Star Party, Fantasy Masquerade, Rhythm City Chronicles, and Fire Show! For a complete list of all the available roles, visit our Event Auditions page.

Tryouts will be held on January 24 and January 30 and begin at 10am and 2pm on both days. You must attend at least one of these four tryout times. No experience is needed to audition! (But if you do have relevant experience, be sure to tell us!)

All applicants are required to fll out our audition form and bring it with them to the auditions. You MUST have a completed form before you can try out. You can download the tryout form by clicking here. All auditions will be held at: 

4801 E. Fowler Ave
Tampa, FL 33617

We can't wait to see what you have at the auditions! You are the ones who make METROCON the best! Also be sure to check out our FB Event Page which will have additional information from us and other fans who plan to attend.

Now go fight some invisible ninjas (no really, it's great practice) and good luck this January!

11/04/15 - METROCON 2016!


 Thank you all so much for another amazing year this past year, METROCON 2015! Our attendance once again topped our personal record - UNIQUE attendnace was 10,876! The other total attendance numbers will be available on the About Us page! With the expansion to four days, we couldn't be happier to maintain growth, and we're excited for what next year has in store!

 This also means that METROCON 2016 will again be 4-days of awesome - we've got some changes in store to the layout of the center and the general flow of the convention to pack in MORE entertainment, MORE guests, and MORE anime, video games, cosplay, and everything that makes METROCON the amazing event that it is - we hope you'll join us again for this year for an amazing METROCON in 2016!

July 21-24, 2016
Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL
Theme: Order vs Chaos

 For those of you interested in purchasing your tickets in advance, Registration for VIP and regular Weekend Passes will once again open on New Years Day, January 1st, 2016 at 12:00 AM. Ring in the new year and then jump online to get your tickets at the lowest possible prices!

 As always, keep an eye out for changes on the website, as we'll be updating around the clock with new information - Artists and Vendors will open for registration in early 2016, and will also be receiving some changes to the registration system. 

 Thanks again to all the fans that helped make METROCON 2015 the best anime convention around once again, and we look forward to seeing you all again!

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